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Photo on the topic remembering lions is superb

5.0 rating

May 12, 2019


Nara Krish

Safe & Steady Hands

5.0 rating

May 3, 2019

With Usha Harish as your Safari Planner, you are in very Safe Hands. Meticulous and painstaking in every little detail, she makes sure you have an enjoyable Safari while also making sure you are comfortable.
‘Usha Harish’ as an ace photographer; the Steadiest pair of hands & nerves I have ever encountered. Incredible passion, a fantastic eye, quicksilver reflexes great technique, immense patience…..Everything you can ask of a photography mentor.
Thank you for some wonderful Tips & Trips.


Incredible Talent!

5.0 rating

April 28, 2019

Looking at the past and current work of Usha, you’ll notice a pattern. Every single image is taken with ultimate precision and each tells a unique story. That’s talent.


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