Gorilla tracking in Uganda

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Gorilla tracking is one the most adventurous and once a lifetime experience one must not miss out.
In Uganda, by road it is a 9 hour journey from Kampala by road crossing the equator, passing through countryside which is rich with vegetation, agricultural farms and villages. As we head towards Bwindi, one gets a sight of the truly Impenetrable forest in the Virunga mountain range. Next day morning getting ready for tracking by 8 am where the UWA rangers give a briefing about the apes and do’s and dont’s while tracking. This was my third time tracking the gorillas in the Buhoma sector of Bwindi and every time has been different. I have done the easy trek of 1 hr to one of the most difficult treks of 4 hours too. But when the gorillas are sighted, its a blissful feeling. This is my checklist for the trip.

1. Carry rain jackets, hand gloves, gum boots, long sleeve t shirt and trousers. The vegetation is wild and thorny as you clim the hill and its a rainforest .

2. On the camera equipment side, two bodies and a wide angle and 70-200 mm 2.8 aperture would be of help due to low light conditions. Well at times I have taken at 300 mm to 400 mm too but occasionally.

3. Take a porter from the briefing point and help the community too. They are very helpful if the trek becomes difficult.

4. Carry water and some fruits, though one can come back for lunch to the lodge.

5. One hour is the tracking time and one will definitely get to see the gorillas, hence make the most of it by taking pictures, videos and also looking through the eyes without camera.
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Please watch a visual tour of the gorilla tracking experience taken in May 2016 , sit back , relax and enjoy.

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