Lion chase and hunt in Masai Mara

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Lion chase and hunt in Masai Mara

True example of why wildlife is always unpredictable when you are on a safari…Anything can happen anytime in the bush. During one of our evening game drive in July 2017, as we watched the beautiful sunset in Masai Mara savannah and retreating to the camp, we saw a pride of lions out in the open looking at the two wildebeests on the horizon. The light was falling and getting dark. The scene unfolded where a lioness advanced slowly towards the gnu who were completely unaware of the impending calamity. The strategy which the cats had was a successful one. A topi standing alone was alerted but it was too late for the wildebeest to act. And there the chase and hunt started which lasted for a minute. The fresh kill was then feasted by the whole pride.
This video is a compilation of 97 shots.
ISO 10000, f/4, 1/800 sec, 500 mm, Not cropped
Canon 1dx mark ii, Canon 500 mm IS

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