Sleeklens editing presets review

March 21, 2017 5:19 am  /  Media  /  , , , ,

Last week , I received an email from Sleeklens that, they loved my landscape photography, and are providing some free Through the Woods presets to ease my editing workflow. I downloaded them and tried out on few of my images. I was very impressed with few of them and started using them for my wildlife images too. Being a Lightroom user, I found them very user friendly and saves a lot of my time. Have a look at the before and after transformation. Go for these interesting presets and enjoy post processing. Thank you Sleeklens. You can see the editing workflow in the images uploaded and understand which presets did I use for the images.

Flight of flamingoes on a cloud cast day- Loved this Shine into the Sunset with preset Deep blue skies which changed the image dramatically


An elephant image taken in harsh lighting at noon

Baby gorilla with an over exposed lighting in the background. Presets – less highlights, punchy and subtle black made the difference

A beautiful landscape became more beautiful with HDR and blue skies preset


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